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Profile in English

Daniele Trevisani Communication Research, Consulting and Human Resources Training

  • High level expertise in Business Training, Coaching, Research in Communication, Human Resources Training, Human Potential and Organizational Development. Training Consultants in Italy

Studio Trevisani Communication Research is located in Ferrara (northern Italy, near Milan, Venice, Bologna and Florence), close to the most important European Business Firms. dr. Daniele Trevisani is widely known in the industry as one of the most qualified training consultants in Italy

Training Consultants in Italy - Italian Human Resources ConsultantsEuropean Communication Consultants - Training & Consulting Firms in ItalyEuropean Human Resources ConsultantsCommunication ConsultingCommunication ResearchSales Training

European Communication Consultants Mission and Areas of Intervention in Training, Consulting and Research: To help clients achieve life and business goals, using a wide variety of consulting and training tools, with a cross-disciplinary, holistic and pragmatic approach. Studio Trevisani has the mission of creating research-based consulting and training tools not available by any other consulting studios. This means finding new models of contribution and helping relations, in order to increase the impact of the approach and the opportunity for the client of the Studio to find unique solutions.
Europeand Holistic Marketing Consultants Vision: to be the most advanced European Communication Consultants, European Marketing Consultants, European Human Resources and Training Consultants, based on the variables of: variety, quality and originality of the self-produced holistic consulting and training models
Holistic Consultants - European Human Resources and Training Consultants Values: We believe in the social value of enhancing the life-quality of individuals, managers, organizations and firms. We work hard in order to build models based on Personal Process Consulting and Organizational Process Consulting, working towards a future where every person will be happy of his personal and corporate life, and where organizations and firms will work with a clear long-term view of their objectives, goals and related priorities.

Webmarketing and Digital Communication ResearchIndustrial ConsultingFront-Line Communication Check-upMarketing Communication ResearchExperimental ResearchAdvanced and Experimental Training

Our mission and vision is implemented with a commitment for research in the field of Communication Science. Our research enables us to transfer useful concepts, models and practices to selected organizations, applying original training techniques, coaching and research instruments in our consulting projects. Our Holistic Consulting Projects are based on both qualitative and quantitative disciplines.

We have achieved a positioning as the Italian reference point for being the most advanced research-based training and consulting firm in Italy, with a unique ability to balance grounded research efforts (published through our best selling books) and front-line activities at the Clients locations

The Studio has a wide experience in research, human resources training, coaching and consulting in leadership, sales, communication and marketing. Our main publications are (translated titles):

  • Daniele Trevisani is a well known writer, whose contributions are spread across several Wikipedia voices and in Thesis and Business Papers. Some of his main publications:
Corporate Competitiveness Corporate, Personal and Organizational Competitiveness

Tools for the Development and Creation of Value

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2000.

Psychology of Marketing and Communication

Psychology of Marketing & Communication

Buyer's Impulses, Persuasion Tools, New Strategies for Communication and Management

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2002.

Buying Behavior & Strategic Communication

From the Analysis of Consumer Behavior to Communication Management  

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2003.

Intercultural Negotiation: Communication beyond cultural barriers.

From internal relations to international negotiations

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan. 2005.

Link ai contenuti del volume Regie di Cambiamento. Approcci integrati alle risorse umane, allo sviluppo personale e organizzativo, e al coaching The Change Director

Integrated approaches to human resources, personal and organizational development, and coaching

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2007. (240 pages.)

Daniele Trevisani - Human Potential - Book Human Potential

Methods and techniques for human performance coaching and training

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milan, 2009. (240 pages).

Strategic Selling

Psychology and Communication for Consultative Selling and Complex Negotiations
Franco Angeli Publisher, Milano, 2011. (280 pages)


Personal Energy

A map for the Empowerment of Mental Energies

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milano, 2013. (100 pages)



Psychologies of motivation and performance

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milano, 2014. (176 pages)


The Courage of Emotions

Energies for Life, Communication and Personal Growth

Franco Angeli Publisher, Milano, 2015. (135 pages)

Leadership & Communication, Principles extracted from 12 years of experience as Special Forces Leadership Trainer


Team Leadership & Operational Communication

Principles and Practices for Continuous Personal Improvement and Team Improvement


Franco Angeli publisher, Milano, 2016 (244 pag.)

Book on Amazon



Books published in English and other languages by Dr. Daniele Trevisani

The Soul Box: From Ancient Wisdom to Human Potential Research

  • Semiotics for Leaders.
  • Symbols, Meanings, Power & Communication
  • New Leadership Styles, Energies and Behaviors
  • Medialab Research Publishing, 194 pages
  • Book Profile on Amazon


  • The Soul Box
  • From Ancient Wisdom to Human Potential Research
  • Medialab Research Publishing, 89 pages
  • Book Profile on Amazon
  • The Change Directors
  • (Russian Edition)
  • Akvilon Publishing, Kiev
  • Psychology of Marketing and Communication
  • (Romenian Edition)
  • Irecson Publishing


  • Communication for Leadership
  • Coaching Leadership Skills
  • Medialab Research Publishing, 205 pages
  • Book Profile on Amazon



The books are among the best sellers in Italy in the management field, and are also adopted in several Business Schools and Universities.

We have also lectured in several universities, business schools, and master courses, included:

  • University of Bologna, Dept. of Communication Science
  • University of Bologna, Dept. of Economics, Master in Information Technology and Corporate Communications (responsible for the design and development of the Training Project and Training Structure)
  • University of Bologna, Dept. of Psychology
  • University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Dept. of Engineering
  • University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Dept. of Economics
  • University of San Marino, Master in Communication Theory and Practices
  • University of Ferrara, Dept. of Human Sciences
  • University of Ferrara, Dept. of Economics
  • IFOA School of Management (University of Wales)
  • COOP Italia National School of Management

Daniele Trevisani is considered one of the top experts in Italy and Europe in strategic communication analysis and strategy, including political analysis, international analysis, corporate strategy, and strategic psychology.

Positioning in the training and consulting industry in Italy

The studio is considered as one of the best Italian consultants and - in  many fields - the best Italian training consultants group of professionals dedicated to Human Resources growth and training. In our Studio, some of the most qualified Italian trainers and coaches meet to discuss about training methodologies and techniques, analyze how to conduct effective Leadership training in Italy, how to provide management coaching, sales training, communication skills development, both for multinationals and SMEs. Top-Sales training and negotiation in Italy is only one of our distinctiveness. Our Marketing trainers in Italy provide Sales & Marketing training, Management training and coaching conducted according to global standards.

Management and communication consultants in Italy - such as Italian sales trainers of communication and leadership trainers - often rely on cultural sources of unknown origin. Our research efforts and published materials provides certainty about sources and solid cultural background.

Reputation and credibility as top training consultants in Italy

  • The Studio is specialized in the Management of special projects of the highest importance: the Studio is one of the highest quality training consultants group in Italy.

  • Qualified as a reliable, trustworthy and expert partner for consulting, organizational and training projects that request maximum sensibilities, privacy and professionalism,  the Studio is supplier and advisor for the Center of National Excellence for the training in communication of the Italian Army, Operational Communications and Psyops - specialized in psychology of communication, training  and intercultural negotiation techniques. The Studio manages and implements training  programs for high-level officers and experts in missions of peacekeeping, peace development, crisis management, intercultural communication, and other contexts where communication skills are crucial to reach strategic objectives.

  • The Studio is besides the Italian Partner of trust for the training and consulting projects conducted by international Consulting Firms such as Frost & Sullivan (London) and Commax Consulting (Munich, Germany).

Senior Professionals

Our group of Seniors is composed of 5 specialized trainers and consultants, that can meet the training requirements of any organization and business. Due to the originality of the approach, we do not offer services provided by Junior or Intermediate professionals. We share a research experience in communication, management consulting, training and human resources development, and provide it to our customers with a wide variety of approaches. Synthetically the group of trainers' main area of specialization are: 

  • Dr. Daniele Trevisani - specialized in communication research. Scientific coordinator of operations. Areas of intervention include psychology and management; scientific models development in Human Resource Development, marketing, sales & communication, communication research (relational and digital), holistic consulting and integration of holistic techniques into scientific programs and managerial training and consulting.
  • Antonio Greci - specialized in coaching, psychoanalytical sales techniques, sales training and business negotiation (needs actualization, customer interview and closure techniques) 
  • Dr. Lorenzo Manfredini - Psychologist and Psychotherapist - specialized in Motivation and Personality, team building, personal communication skills, stress and anxiety management, relaxation and body-techniques, Mental Training
  • Dr. Francesco Muzzarelli - specialized in professional training techniques (training methodology and psychodrama), empowerment and organizational development
  • Prof. Fabrizio Bercelli - University of Bologna, Dept. of Communication, specialized in group dynamics, interpersonal relations, identity and interpersonal communication.

Methodology and approach

We divide our interventions in several main steps: 

  1. business-analysis of training needs - corporate diagnosis
  2. holistic consulting based on organizational research, front-line training and coaching, projects definition
  3. process consulting for the implementation of growth programs

We usually conduct a preliminary analysis of training needs. This task can take from 1 to 5 days, depending on the customer main objectives and the complexity of the intervention. 

We usually meet the customer's managers in order to understand what underlying drives and sceneries create the need for training, which training approach to apply, set measurable training goals, and avoid training errors (wrong techniques, wrong contents). 

If a training needs analysis has already been conducted, the minimum of 1 day of business analysis for implementation and planning is required anyway, at a cost to be fixed per day, plus travel expenses, depending on customer location, in order to implement the analysis into a training schedule.

The costs of front-line training and coaching depend on the amount of working days and are established with a specific agreement


We can perform in front-line training, consulting and coaching in the following languages:

  • Italian
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

Other Services

We provide services related to the development of human resources, marketing, communication and sales, including:

  • leadership training
  • analysis of training needs
  • human resources training development plans for marketing and communication areas
  • testing and assessment of managers and professionals in communication
  • process consulting in the improvement of global competitiveness through internal and external communication strategies
  • advanced marketing research using experimental methods
  • qualitative research and in-depth interviews
  • marketing plans and business plans
  • communication planning, message planning, professional support of communication campaigns
  • experimental and field-communication research
  • activation research and sales force monitoring
  • integrated services (relational and digital marketing)
  • training in negotiation (sales and purchase processes)
  • intercultural marketing, intercultural communication and sales
  • communication check-ups and communication quality assessment
  • holistic consulting for Organizational and Managerial Growth

Contact us at for:

  • Communication consultants in Latin Europe, communication consultants in Italy, finding the best Italian trainers and coaches, finding qualified trainers in Italy
  • Communication training consultants Italy, communication training in Italy
  • European communication consultants with a Pan-European approach and deep understanding of Latin marketing cultures
  • European trainers in communication and management with cross-cultural qualifications and expertise
  • Human Resources Training in Italy
  • Italian coaching services for multinationals
  • Italian coaching consultants
  • Italian communication consultants
  • Italian communication trainers specialized in management psychology and management training planning
  • Italian experts in training needs analysis
  • Italian marketing consultants
  • Italian marketing firms applying consultative techniques and "person centered" approaches
  • Italian marketing trainers
  • Italian sales trainers
  • Italian sales training teams
  • Italian training specialists in business, communication and management
  • Leadership trainers in Italy
  • Leadership training programs in Italy
  • Management coaching solutions
  • Solutions for top-level management coaching in Italy
  • Effective Management training in Italy
  • Marketing consultants in Italy
  • Marketing trainers based in Italy
  • Sales & Marketing training in Italy
  • Sales training
  • Top management trainers in Italy
  • World-class Training Consultants in Italy with international and cross-cultural experience

Our special workshops and coaching on intercultural skills, intercultural negotiation, intercultural communication, cross-cultural psychology, intercultural training

  1. listening skills
  2. decoding skills
  3. emphatic skills
  4. strategic mind mapping skills
  5. archetype prototype mapping skills (cultural psychology)
  6. vulnerability detection skills
  7. counterpart negotiation strategy detection and mapping skills

Other information:
[Courses in Milan Italy]
[Special Training Programs]

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  • dott. Daniele Trevisani, Formatore e Consulente Aziendale Senior, Coach specialista nella Formazione Aziendale e Coaching di Direzione, leadership, leadership emozionale, comunicazione e coaching, con particolare attenzione al Potenziale Umano e allo sviluppo delle Potenzialità Individuali, unite alla Ricerca & Sviluppo di prodotto e di processo, e alla competenza nell'area Formazione, Risorse Umane e Comunicazione

  • Unico Studio Italiano ad avere definito e pubblicato una metodologia di Formazione Aziendale (Action Line Management) di tipo Consulenziale, divulgata in 5 libri da Franco Angeli editore, il principale editore Italiano per la Formazione Aziendale e Competitività Aziendale

  • Unico Studio Italiano ad avere sviluppato una metodologia scientifica sul Potenziale Umano, il Modello HPM (Human Potential Modeling) frutto di ricerca e esperienza trentennale sul campo, pubblicata in 5 libri da (Franco Angeli editore, leader per i metodi di Formazione Aziendale, Crescita Personale Manageriale (tra questi, il testo: Il Potenziale Umano)

  • Certificazione di Counselor presso STEP e riconoscimento Sicool, Certificato AIF (Associazione Italiana Formatori) per la Formazione Aziendale e Personale. Certificazione di Coaching presso FIF e ASI Settore Discipline Olistiche. Master Biennale in Comunicazione alla University of Florida, con Lode, con onorificenza Fulbright.

  • Consulente Aziendale e Formatore Aziendale Senior Professionista, di cui L. 14 gennaio 2013, n. 4

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Studio Trevisani Formazione Aziendale e Coaching opera in-house, direttamente presso la sede del cliente, in tutte le città d'Italia. La possibilità operativa è in tutta Europa e Stati Uniti, e in Italia con prevalenza di Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Lombardia, Toscana, e interventi possibili in ogni provincia: Chieti L'AQUILA Pescara Teramo Matera POTENZA CATANZARO Cosenza Crotone Reggio Calabria Vibo Valentia Avellino Benevento Caserta NAPOLI Salerno BOLOGNA Cesena Ferrara Forlì Modena Parma Piacenza Ravenna Reggio Emilia Rimini Gorizia Pordenone TRIESTE Udine Frosinone Latina Rieti ROMA Viterbo GENOVA Imperia La Spezia Savona Bergamo Brescia Como Cremona Lecco Lodi Mantova MILANO Monza Pavia Sondrio Varese ANCONA Ascoli Piceno Fermo Macerata Pesaro Urbino CAMPOBASSO Isernia Alessandria Asti Biella Cuneo Novara TORINO Verbania Vercelli Andria BARI Barletta Brindisi Foggia Lecce Taranto Trani CAGLIARI Carbonia Nuoro Oristano Sassari Agrigento Caltanissetta Catania Enna Messina PALERMO Ragusa Siracusa Trapani Bolzano TRENTO Arezzo FIRENZE Grosseto Livorno Lucca Massa Pisa Pistoia Prato Siena PERUGIA Terni AOSTA Belluno Padova Rovigo Treviso VENEZIA Verona Vicenza

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